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Cemetery Property F

Please contact with updated phone numbers or property will be taken down temporarily. 

Listing Number
Asking Price
F-1Lakeview Memorial Park 2 spaces Section 8A
Lot 45 
3900.00 each plus transfer fee
F-2 Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Spaces East Singing Tower 3000.00 each 
F-3Lakeview Memorial Park 1 space with opening and closing of the grave 
Garden of Peace Lot 82 B Space 4 

1500.00 plus transfer fee 
F-4 Guilford Memorial Park 4 Adjoining plots Section 16 Lot 271 
Approved for 4 upright markers or 8 urns
Sold as a unit 12,000.00
F-5Lakeview Memorial Park6 plots Field of Honor 4000.00 each seller to pay 300.00 transfer fee
F-6Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Spaces Garden of Supper Lot 69 C plot 3,43200.00 for both
F-7Greensboro Hebrew Cemetery#105 Section B800.00
F-8Guilford Memorial Park Section 12, Lot 12..2 spaces 

3000.00 each or best offer
F-9Lakeview Memorial Park Mausoleum C 576
Double , Opening and Closing and Marker
Call for price 
F-10 Lakeview Memorial Park Lakeside Section 4, Graves 1 and 2 Lot 1-C

9600.00 for both price is negotiable...
F-11Lakeview Memorial Park Garden of Serenity 1500.00 
F-12 Lakeview Memorial Park1Plot Section Firefighters Lot 16-C2000.00
F-13Guilford Memorial Park4 Plots Section 179 Spaces 1,2,3,4,16,000 for all 4 
8000 for each pair 1,2 or 3,4
F-14 Lakeview Memorial Park West Singing Tower
Lot 14 D Space 1
F-15Guilford Memorial Park 1 Plot Section 14 Lot 276 Space 2
Ten Commandments 

F-17Lakeview Memorial Park Mausoleum Tatum Chapel 2 Section EE
2,3 Level 5
F-18Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Plots Masonic Area4000.00 Neg

F-19Guilford Memorial Park 4 Plots Monument Privileges Section2 9600.00 plus transfer fee of 160
F-20 Guilford Memorial Park

2 Spaces Section 3 Lot 372

2800.00 each
F-21Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Spaces Companion Spaces Garden of Serenity Lot 76 D spaces 3 and 46000.00 Neg
F-22Guilford Memorial Park2 spaces and 2 vaults 
(monticello vault)
Granite for marker


Lakeview Memorial Park 4 Spaces in the East Singing Tower Lot 88 B 4500.00 each 

F-24Lakeview Memorial Park 1 space Lakeside 

3500.00 and seller will pay transfer fee
F-25Lakeview Memorial Park 2 spaces side by side near the sidewalk 6000.00 for both plots price neg.
F-26Westminster Gardens1 space 

2800.00 and transfer fee
F-27Lakeview Memorial ParkVeteran Section 2 space Opening and Closing and Marker 2800.00 for all and buyer pays transfer fee
F-28Lakeview Memorial Park4 Burial Plots side by side 6000.00 for all four 
F-29Lakeview Memorial Park 1 space Rose Garden Lot 12 B Space 4

3000.00 and buyer pays transfer fee
F-30Lakeview Memorial Park 2 spaces Singing Tower
Lot 94 A spaces 1,2
3000.00 each 
F-31Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Spaces Garden of Peace2500 for both and buyer pays transfer fee
F-32Lakeview Memorial Park 3 spaces
2 side by side and 1 above the graves
1500.00 each and seller to pay transfer fee
F-33Lakeview Memorial Park West Sing Tower 2 spaces 3 and 4 112C8000.00 for the pair
F-34Lakeview Memorial Park 10 Spaces Masonic Area  1900.00 each
F-35Westminster GardensFountain Lot Area Lot 327 spaces 1,2 5000.00 each 
F-36 Guilford Memorial Park Four Spaces together Garden of Wishing Well

Four for 9000.00
Two spaces for 5000.00
One space 3000.00 each
F-37Lakeview Memorial ParkCompanion Crypt in Mausoleum Phase 3 Section 5 10000.00 buyer to pay transfer fee 299.00
F-38 Westminster Gardens Fountain Section Lot 314 1,2,3,44 graves for 12,000 or 2 graves for 6000.00
buyers pay transfer fee
F-39Forest Lawn CemeteryLot 82B, Section 6
4 plots 

4800.00 for all 4 buyer to pay transfer fee

F-40Guilford Memorial Park 4 Plots Praying Hands Section Lot 756 Section 172 graves for 7500 or 4 for 14000.00 buyer to pay transfer fee
F-41Lakeview Memorial Park 4 plots in the Garden of Last Supper Lot 160 C 1,2 and Lot 165 B Spaces 1,2 950.00 each buyer to pay transfer fee
F-42Guilford Memorial Park 4 graves Lot 116 Section 1415000.00
F-43Guilford Memorial Park 1 Grave Section 2 
Grave and Vault 
F-44Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Plots Lot 12 Spaces 1,2 Floral Garden 

2000.00 each seller pays transfer fee

F-45Lakeview Memorial Park Fountain Section 3 198 Spaces 3,4 
Veteran's Section Plot 9 spaces 3,4
2500.00 each and buyer pays transfer fee

F-47Lakeview Memorial Park Lakeside Area 1 Plots Spaces 4
1500.00 each seller pays transfer fee
F-48Guilford Memorial Park Praying Hands Section 17 2 spaces 2500.00 total buyer pays transfer fee
F-49Lakeview Memorial Park Veteran's Section
Lot 107 Spaces 2,3,4
900.00 each 
F-50Westminster GardensTower Garden 3 spaces
Lot 43 spaces 3,4,5
3795.00 each and seller pays transfer fee
F-51Lakeview Memorial Park Rose Garden 1 Space 
Lot 62 B space 3
1200.00 and buyer pays transfer fee
F-52Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots side by side2500.00 each seller will cover transfer fee

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