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Cemetery Property D

From  time to time, we are contacted by people looking to sell cemetery spaces. Listed below is our current list of available spaces. We make no guarantee to the listed cost of each space or to the actual availability. However, if you are interested in any of the listed properties, please contact us and we will have the owner get in touch with you. When contacting us, please use the listing number of the property you are interested in. Also, if you would like to list a property on this site, please contact us with your information. George Brothers Funeral Service does not charge for this listing, nor do we receive any compensation for the sale of any listed property. This is simply a community service. Each cemetery listed may have further requirements and charges associated with deed transfers. Also, some listings have not been updated. Please contact us with any inquiries or questions.

Please contact with updated phone numbers or property will be taken down temporarily. 

Listing Number
Asking Price

D-1Lakeview Memorial ParkWest Sing Tower Lot 124 C/ Spaces 1,2,32000.00 each 
D2Lakeview Memorial
1 Crypt in Building C Level 1$7000.00
D3Westminster Gardens2 plots Lot 500 1,27500.00 for both
D-4Lakeview Memorial3 plots Masonic Area
$1795.00 each
D-5Lakeview Memorial2 plots in the singing tower$1795.00
D-6Lakeview Memorial2 Plots Floral Garden Area$5500.00 for both
D-7Guilford Memorial ParkSection 18 Lot 61..2 Spaces

D-8Lakeview Memorial Park 

2Plots Masonic Section A (Memorial Park inside road) facing the Mausoleum direction)Lot 22,Spaces 3-4 

3000.00 for both plus transfer fee 
D-9Lakeview Memorial Sun Dial 2 1 plot  1200.00
D-10 Guilford Memorial Park

Garden Section

Section 23-B Lot 113-D

Grave 1 and 2

2250.00 for both
D-11Guilford Memorial Park 

Section 23C Space 1

4000.00 each
D-12Lakeview Memorial 2 Spaces Veterans Section1400 each buyer pays transfer fee
D-13Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots section 7B 23 Spaces 1&2
4000.00 for both or 2500.00 for each
D-14Guilford Memorial Park2 Spaces $2000.00 each
D-15Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots and includes 2 Vaults
$8000 for both
D-16Westminster Gardens4 Spaces Fountain Garden Lot 232 spaces
5000.00 each
D-17Westminster GardensGarden of Fountain Lot 69 Spaces 3,4 5000.00 each 
D-18Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots

2 Spaces for 3000.00

or 2000 for each

D-19Guilford Memorial Park2 Spaces for sale contact seller for price
D-20Guilford Memorial Park

4 Spaces

Garden of Ten Commandments

2995 each plus transfer fee
D-21 Guilford Memorial Park2 Spaces and 1 vault
call seller for cost
D-22Guilford Memorial Park1 space includes Vault call seller for cost


Guilford Memorial Park2 spaces Garden of the Lake

2500.00 each plus transfer

fee 295.00

D-24Guilford Memorial Park

Double Depth Plot Sect.19

Lot 63 with Memorial Package

6000.00 plus buyer pays transfer fee
D-25Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots behind the funeral home
2600.00 each and seller will pay transfer fee
D-26Guilford Memorial Park

Garden of the Cross

2 Plots with vaults

Side by Side

6500 for both
D-27Westminster Gardens2 Plots Lot 34 Space 1,2
3795.00 each buyer to pay transfer fee
D-28Guilford Memorial ParkVeteran's Section Lot 111-C spaces 3&4 with Vaults and includes bronze markers1500.00 each plus transfer fee
D-29Lakeview Memorial Park

2 Plots at Singing Tower

Side by Side

2600.00 for both buyer to pay transfer fee...Cash Only
D-58Floral Gardens 

2 Spaces Lot 512 Section I spaces 2,4

1500.00 each includes transfer fee 

D-30 Guilford Memorial Park

Prayer Hands   2 spaces Section 17 lot 630 spaces 1,2 

10,000 for both graves
D-31Guilford Memorial Park2 Spaces Lot #60 D Section 23-B space 3 &4$2000 for both spaces
D-32Westminster Gardens4 Spaces Section Garden of Time Lot 239 space 3&4 and Lot 240 Space 3&4$2500 each or $10,000 for all four
D-33Westminster GardensGarden of Time 2 spaces5000.00 each of best offer
D-34Lakeview Memorial 4 Spaces Section 12 Lot
221 Spaces 1-4
8000.00 each or best offer
D-35Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots and Vault in Ten Commandment Garden4000.00 for both
D-36Guilford Memorial Park

2 spaces in Old Veterans


D-37Guilford Memorial ParkLot 89 plot 3 space 4$695.00
D-38Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots and 1 vault Section1 Lot 204 Space 1,2$3500.00
D-39 Guilford Memorial Park

1 Plot Space 1,2,3,4

2 burial Vaults and marker

and bronze vase

D-40Guilford Memorial Park1 Plot Section 18 Lot 354 space 34890.00
D-41Lakeview Memorial Park2 Plots with Double Depth Grave3000.00 each buyer to pay transfer fee
D-42Guilford Memorial Park1 space Lot 89 Space 4200.00 buyer pays transfer  fee
D-43Guilford Memorial ParkCompanion Crypt Section E Bottom Level$8000.00
D-44Westminster Gardens

2 spaces 

3500.00 each

D-45 Gilmore Memorial ParkLakeside Lot 80 Spaces 1&2 Both For 1800.00
D-46Guilford Memorial Park 2 plots and vaults with vaseBoth for 4905.00
D-47Guilford Memorial Park Last 2 plots in Section 10 Lot 205 Spaces 3,45000.00 for the pair
D-48Lakeview Memorial ParkGarden of Serenity Lot 76-D Lawn Crypt Space 3,4 (holds 2 casket each)
D-49Guilford Memorial Park 2 Spaces Lot 39 C Spaces 1,2 Section 223000.00 each 
D-50Lakeview Memorial Park 

Rose Garden Lot 34 spaces1,2,3

3000.00 each 
D-51Guilford Memorial Park 2 Plots double granite marker with 1 vault9000.00
D-52Guilford Memorial Park

1 Space with Vault and Opening and Closing of the grave plus transfer fee

D-53 Guilford Memorial Park2 Plots and 2 Vaults2500.00 each
plus buyer pays transfer fee
D-54Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Plots Close to the Road1500.00 each buyer to pay transfer fee 250.00
D-55Guilford Memorial Park 2 Plots Lot 187 Section1  6000.00 for both 
D-56Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Plots Veterans Section Lot 48 space 3
Lot 49 Space 4
2700.00 each 
buyer pays transfer fee
D-57Lakeview Memorial Park 2 Plots & 2 Vaults 
Masonic Section A Lot 223 Spaces 1&2 
4200.00 for both plus transfer fee

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